Anti-formalin solution

novok® is a patented solution that can quickly decompose formaldehyde molecules on contact, without leaving any residual behind.
Ordinary cleaning products and procedures cannot guarantee a proper decontamination of the surfaces where hazardous spillages occurred, so the untreated residual formalin will keep releasing formaldehyde molecules into the work environment.


Control set for small formalin spills

The novok-s® + novok-pow® Set is specifically designed to be the ideal solution against daily formalin contamination, to treat small spills instantly, safely and effectively


Emergency response kit for formalin spills

novokit® is an emergency response kit specially designed to safely contain and clean up to 2.5L of spilled formalin. The formalin spill kit is an essential item in the healthcare environment, especially in those departments where hospital staff have to handle considerable amounts of formalin in their daily work.


Demonstration kit

novokit® DEMO is a demonstration kit created to show the efficacy of the combined use of novok-pow® and novok-s® in case of accidental formalin spill.